Meeting at the residential flat of A. Purushothaman and A. Haridranathan at Guruvayur

2011 October 11

A meeting of the Study Group was held at the residential flat of A. Purushothaman and A. Haridranathan at Guruvayur. K. V Subramanian, Venu Edakkazhiyur, A. Purushothaman, A. Haridranathan, and K.A. Mohandas paricipated in the meeting.

The summary of the discussions is as follows.

  1. An annotated bibliographical index of all works of kovilan shall be prepared including information about the first / latest editions published.
  2. An index of books and articles about kovilan and interviews with kovilan shall be prepared.
  3. A long term project involving detailed study of kovilan’s works shall be initiated .
  4. Every year, one specific work of Kovilan ( Example : A minus B ) shall be identified for detailed study.
  5. Prominent critics ( E.P.Rajagopalan / Sunil P. Ilayitam / E.V.Ramakrishnan / Kalpetta Balakrishnan/ etc ) may be approached well in advance with a request to prepare an essay on a topic relevant to malayalam literature ( Example : Modern malayalam novel / short story ) and explore it with Kovilan’s specific work/works as background.
  6. A kovilan memorial talk on different aspects of fiction by an eminent person , preferably of all India background , shall be organised every year.
  7. Essay competitions on topics relevant to Kovilan’s works shall be conducted for high school / college students . The topic along with key words shall be announced well in advance so that sufficient time ( about 3 months ) is given for the students to prepare and submit the essay and for evaluating the essays received ( about one month ).
  8. Every year ,a seminar shall be organised around 2nd June . The principal essay shall be presented during the seminar and discussions held . The winners of the essay competition shall be felicitated during the seminar.
  9. Venu Edakkazhiyur ( 09447095760 ) will be the contact person ( , Venu Edakkazhiyur, BAMSURI , Post Puthanpalli -680103 , Thrissur Dist , Kerala )
  10. The next meeting of the study group shall be held on 20th October 2010